Sundware trading LTD is recently serving the Middle east and North Africa construction fields as an Engineering solution provider for heating systems, Sundware Trading LTD is based in Cyprus as a link between Europe manufacturers and our Loyal Customers in MENA, and is manufacturing in Greece,Spain and USA factories.

Our factories are ISO certified and all the products are constructed according to the European , American and international standards while the accurate tests and repeated inspections provide high level of reliability and safety.

Conforming to ISO standards, the choice of our raw materials is based on material quality, resistance and reliability. Thereby, we have the potential to present the respective certificates, whenever you need them.

Concerning formation and processing, high technology machinery and modern robotic systems are used, achieving not only precision in detail, but also contribute to fast delivery.
Built Environment

Speaking in Brussels celebrating World Green Building Week, he argued that "greening" Europe’s building stock will deliver on the "triple bottom line of people, profit and planet ...
Sun Strikes it Hot

In Europe, almost 50 percent (48 percent in 2007, to be precise) of the total energy consumed is used to produce heat. Almost a third of that goes into high-temperature industrial processes...